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Larrikin Veterinary Services

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Our Small Animal House Call Practice focuses on quality preventive medicine for your pet.  The cornerstone of preventive medicine is an annual or every 6 month health examination.  These exams allow us to identify emerging problems and deal with them pre-emptively instead of reacting to the disease or problem when it is already established.  At these visits we will decide the diseases for which your pet is at risk and vaccinate appropriately. 


Home visits can be much less stressful for your pet than a visit to the vet's office.  In the case of behavioural consultations, home visits are very important as the doctor can observe your pet and his/her behaviours in their 'natural' environment.  Behaviour is a particular interest of Dr. Nif's and she has taken many CE courses on the topic!


Larrikin Veterinary Services offers the following  through our Small Animal House Calls:

  • Annual Health Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Behavioural Consultations and Modification
  • Geriatric Examinations
  • Paediatric (Puppy & Kitten) Examinations
  • Opthalmic and Otic Examinations (Eyes and Ears!)
  • Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing
  • Pharmacy
  • Minor Surgeries and Quill Removals

We have an arrangement with a nearby clinic for provision of the following:

  • Major Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Hospitalization of Sick Pets
  • Radiographs